Zeedas CT 124

Blooming Of Significance

Zeedas CT 124

The Zeedas CT 124 features 124-slice, 62-row CT system with the durable smart titanium x-ray tube, finest resolution Aegis 4.0 detector, intelligent vision AI positioning system and full suite clinical scan protocols. It offers performance advantage in reliability, outstanding image quality, intelligent user interface, and advanced clinical applications. It upgrades user’s hospital care capability to a new level.

Smart Titanium X-Ray Tube

Smart Platinum X-ray Tube

Zero Wear Bearing

Latest liquid metal bearing technology
Stable anode surface under high-speed rotation

Smart Anti-Aging Mechanism

Dynamic filament adjustment algorithm
Effective filament current control


Built-in getter control
Effective arcing prevention

Ageis 4.0 Detector

Ageis 4.0 Detector

High Density Detector Element Design – Low Noise

Improve signal noise ratio effectively presenting excellent image resolution.

Smart Continuous Temperature Control – Stability

Monitor real-time temperature changes inside detector safeguarding performance.

Multi-Array Distribution – Zero Loss

Distributed data transmission shields interference achieving zero loss.

Multiple Rate Oversampling – Superior Resolution

Reconstruction with massive collected raw data results in superior image resolution.

Blooming Vision AI

Blooming Vision AI

Smart Patient Positioning

Pioneering AI algorithm discerns patient location speeding up scan process while isolating doctor and patient.

Intelligent Scan Workflow

Optimize scan workflow via vision AI technology with less x-ray usage.

Care Centered Ingenious Tech

Care Centered Ingenious Tech

HDA Holographic Dynamic Acquisition Technology

Real-time feedback loop between collected data and signal source improve dynamic range.

Intelligent Scan Protection

Optimize every scan setting for individual patient.

Adaptive Dual Shutter Collimator

Improve both sensitivity and resolution by reducing noise at the source and filtering scattered photons.

Ultra-High-Definition Imaging

Million-pixel image platform with 1024X1024 matrix-based reconstruction illustrates ultra-high-definition details.

Complete Solution For Advanced Clinical Applications