Zeedas CT 16

Seamless Harmony

Zeedas CT 16

The Zeedas CT 16 features 16-slice, 24-row CT system with liquid-metal bearing x-ray tube, Aegis ASG detector, advanced photon algorithm set and full suite clinical scan protocols. It offers performance advantage in reliability, all functionality, easy-to-use and outstanding image quality. It is the preferred choice for routine CT scans.

Smart Dual-Metal X-Ray Tube – High Performance & Durability

High-End Dual-Metal X-Ray Tube Platform

Smart dual-metal x-ray tube features liquid-metal beating and metal insert technology enabling continuous scan capability and save huge maintenance cost.

Ageis ASG Detector – Minimizing Noise

Micron Level Gap

Lean detector design reduces detector spacing by 35% effectively increasing x-ray utilization.

Nano Level Path

Shorten the signal path passing through scintillator, photodiode and A2D chip safeguarding signal integrity.

Milli Level Process

Tallest ASG design of 17mm improves scatter light absorption by 110%, reduces effective photons blockage by 60% minimizing signal noise.

Advanced Photon Algorithm Set – Accurate Diagnosis

Advanced photon algorithm set reproduces fine structure of human tissue in high-definition images. Turing Z-IMAGE postprocessing workstation swiftly generates 3D images meeting diverse clinical requirements.

Clinical Applications