Zeedas CT 64

Enhanced-Tech Empowerment

Zeedas CT 64

The Zeedas CT 64 features 64-slice, 32-row CT system with smart platinum x-ray tube, Aegis ASG detector and full suite clinical scan protocols. It offers performance advantage in reliability, intelligent user interface, remote online diagnostics and outstanding image quality. It brings best user experience.

Smart Platinum X-Ray Tube – New Standards For High-End Scanners

Smart Dual-Metal X-ray Tube – New Standards for High-End Scanners

Unparalleled Scan Capability

High heat dissipation
Continuous scan
200-400 patients scan per day
Highest return

Lasting Image Stability

Zero loss on anode bearing
Lasting stability of focal spot
Consistent image quality

Cost Saving

Long lasting lifetime
2-4 times longer life than ball bearing x-ray tubes
Significant maintenance cost saving

Ageis ASG Detector – Enabling High-Definition Imaging

Ageis ASG Detector – Enabling High-Definition Imaging

Detailed Imaging

Thin slices CT scan reproduces fine structure of human tissue

Low Noise Imaging

17 mm height anti-scatter plates result in exquisite images by reducing noise

Zero Loss Imaging

Multiple rate oversampling collects massive data reconstructing zero loss images

Low-Dose Imaging

HDA holographic dynamic acquisition feeds optimal scan dose settings

Smart Efficient Workflow – Enhanced User Experience

Smart Efficient Workflow – Enhanced User Experience

Real-Time Reconstruction

Instant result affirms proper scanning

Remote Positioning

Reduce cross infection

Emergency Bypass Registration

Improve technologist’s efficiency

Customized System

Ensure instant response

Single Key Release

Save exam time

Ready-To-Use Report Template

Fulfill diverse needs

Full Suite Clinical Applications